Company regulations

In accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO, SR 220), the employer may lay down general guidelines con-cerning the performance of the work and the behaviour of workers and learners in their company and may give specific instructions. In this respect, they generally prepare internal or company regulations. They must however respect the worker’s privacy, protect it and show due consideration for their health. As far as workers and learners are concerned, they must comply with the employer’s guidelines.

In accordance with the Employment Act (SR 822.11), the preparation of company regulations is mandatory for industrial companies, but optional for companies in other branches. The regulations must be drawn up in collaboration with the workers or at least be submitted to them before they are published. The company regulations must contain provisions concerning health protection and accident prevention and, where applicable, internal arrangements and workers’ behaviour in the company. The content of the company regulations must not contradict mandatory law or collective employment agreements.