Consultation services

VET professionals and apprentices may contact state-run consultation offices to obtain information or advice. Generally speaking, consultation services are provided by the cantonal VET office, the VET school, the VET school clinic or vocational guidance counsellors.

Consultation services include:

  • free consultations
  • advice
  • payment of costs
  • treatment and expert assessment of children or young people who have psychological development disorders and behavioural problems
  • advice to parents, teachers, other youth leaders and directors of institutions regarding development, education and schooling

The arrangements for consultation services differ from one canton to another; in most cases, it is the VET school's psychology counsellor that is responsible for this. VET schools also provide some of the services mentioned above and have counsellors for apprentices. In addition to government institutions, there are also private services. The cantonal VET office can provide a list of addresses.

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