Learners or workers must necessarily incur expenses to perform their work. The employer is compelled to refund them.

It is possible for a fixed-rate amount to be paid if such an agreement is reached. In such a case, all expenses must obviously be paid for. Any agreement that requires apprentices or workers to pay for expenses without any compensation would be null and void.

The following is a list of examples of expenses that must be refunded to learners:

  • use of the apprentice’s car for customer service
  • maintenance and accommodation if learners work on a building site away from their normal workplace
  • accommodation and a portion of meal costs for attendance of branch courses.

The apprentice or worker must also be paid compensation if they use their own tools and equipment to perform a task provided that other arrangements have not been expressly agreed or if such conduct is customary.

Agreements on the coverage of costs in connection with attendance at the vocational school must be set out in the apprenticeship contract. This includes costs for: School materials (personal learning materials, in particular electronic equipment such as notebooks, tablets, etc.), travel expenses, meals, accommodation, language stays and excursions.