General outline (apprenticeship training)

Host companies generally refer to the training plan established for each VET programme when preparing their apprenticeship training plan. There are rare cases in which the training plan cannot be used for this purpose. Professional organisations will therefore establish a general outline for apprenticeship training, which can be used as a frame of reference instead. This general outline indicates how host companies should handle the apprenticeship training portion of the VET programme. It is an additional means of ensuring that apprenticeship training is provided in a systematic and methodical fashion. The VET trainer then explains to learners in a suitable manner how apprenticeship training will take place.

VET trainers can easily use the general outline for apprenticeship training as a basis for preparation of an apprenticeship training plan. The aim is to ensure that the apprenticeship training portion of the VET programme does not conflict with the classroom instruction portion or the branch course portion. The VET trainer decides when the learner will carry out the activities and acquire the recommended skills.

The next step is for VET trainers to prepare an individual training plan by adapting the apprenticeship training plan to each apprentice. The individual training plan takes into account optional or remedial courses, preparatory courses for the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (FVB) examination, holiday leave, linguistic trips, etc.

The “practical work” competence area of the final examination is based on the apprenticeship training plan.