Health insurance

In accordance with the Health Insurance Act (HInsA, SR 832.10), anyone who is domiciled in Switzerland must be insured for health care. Minors’ legal representatives are responsible for such insurance. Health insurance benefits are paid in the event of illness, injury or maternity. Cantons grant reduced premiums for people on low income.

Accident coverage may be suspended if the insured person is compulsorily covered for the said risk in accordance with the Accident Insurance Act (AIA, SR 832.20); the insured person must submit a request in this respect to their health insurance company.

For insured persons who are under the age of 18, the insurer must set a premium that is lower than the premium paid by adults. It is authorised to do the same for insured persons who are under the age of 25 and who are enrolled in a training programme.

From the age of 15, employees may take out an optional insurance policy to compensate for the loss of daily earnings. This insurance policy may be part of a group insurance policy taken out by an employer for its employees, by trade associations, by employers’ organisations or trade unions for their members. The insurance for loss of daily earnings must be paid in the event of a pregnancy or birth. During the waiting period, the employer usually pays 80% of the salary.