Host company network

A host company network is a particular form of apprenticeship training within the context of upper-secondary level vocational education and training (VET). Two or more companies with complementary activities form a network and train apprentices together. The goal of their collaboration is to provide apprenticeship training in accordance with the VET ordinance for the given occupation by pooling their resources; by doing so, they also reduce the burden on each partner company. Thanks to such a network, highly-specialised companies can also contribute to VET programmes.

A main organisation or company (an ordinary partnership, a trade association or an association representing a branch, etc.) takes on the responsibility of training apprentices and represents the network in its dealings with third parties. Certain tasks such as recruiting and selecting learners and administering the network may be entrusted to the main organisation or company.

Companies that are members of a host company network lay down the terms and conditions of their collaboration in a written contract. The apprenticeship contract is signed between the main organisation or company and the learner.