Legal representation

Apprentices attain the age of legal adulthood when they are 18. Generally speaking, they begin their training before they attain the age of legal adulthood. During this period, learners can only enter into apprenticeship contracts to a limited extent. The consent of their legal representative is necessary in particular to sign an apprenticeship contract.

In most cases, legal representation is provided by the persons who hold parental responsibility. Stepparents (stepfathers or stepmothers) and foster parents are not legal representatives. They do, however, have the right to be consulted.

Legal guardians are appointed for children when their parents are deceased, or when the parental responsibility has been withdrawn from them. The guardian becomes the legal representative. In such cases, the guardianship authority must approve the apprenticeship contract.

In accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations, the legal representative is required to work with the VET trainer and foster good relations between the VET trainer and the learner. If there are major difficulties, the VET trainer is required to inform the legal representative.