List of abbreviations

Here you will find the abbreviations commonly used in the vocational education and training sector.

AIA: Federal Act of 20 March 1981 on Accident Insurance (SR 832.20)

APO: Ordinance of 19 December 1983 on the Prevention of Accidents and Occupational Diseases (SR 832.30)

ASEO: Ordinance of 24 October 2007 on Admission, Period of Stay and Employment (SR 142.201)

CC: Swiss Civil Code (Swiss Civil Code of 10 December 1907 (SR 210))

CDOPU: Swiss Conference of Directors of Career Guidance

CEA: Collective employment agreement

CJurA: Federal Act of 24 March 2000 on Jurisdiction in Civil Matters (repealed)

CMSO: Ordinance of 19 November 2003 on the Compulsory Military Service (SR 512.21)

CO: Swiss Code of Obligations (Federal Act of 30 March 1911 completing the Swiss Civil Code (Fifth Book: Law of obligations, SR 220))

Core-LCS: Core Syllabus for Language, Communication and Society instruction in VET Programmes

Cst.: Federal constitution (Federal constitution of the Swiss Confederation of 18 April 1999 (SR 101))

D&E: Depth and expansion of knowledge module

DDA: Federal Act of 13 December 2002 on the Elimination of Discrimination against People with Disabilities (SR 151.3)

DGAA: Federal Act of 28 September 1956 on the Declaration of the General Application of Collective Employment Agreements (SR 221.215.311)

DI: Disability insurance

EAER: Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research

ECTS: European credit transfer system

ECVET: European credits for vocational education and training

EDK: Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education

EFTA: European Free Trade Association

EmpA: Federal Act of 13 March 1964 on Employment in Business, Trade and Industry (SR 822.11)

EmpO 1: Ordinance 1 of 10 May 2000 to the Employment Act (SR 822.111)

EmpO 2: Ordinance 2 of 10 May 2000 to the Employment Act (Special Provisions for Specific Groups of Businesses or Employees) (SR 822.112)

EmpO 5: Ordinance 5 of 28 September 2007 to the Employment Act (on the protection of young workers) (SR 822.115)

EqA: Gender Equality Act Federal Act of 24 March 1995 on Gender Equality (SR 151.1)

EQF: European Qualifications Framework

EU: European Union

FCOS: Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety

FDFA: Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

FDHA: Federal Department of Home Affairs

FIT: Federal Institute of Technology

FMA: Agreement between the Swiss Confederation, on the one hand, and the European community and its member states, on the other, on the free movement of persons

FNA: Federal Act of 16 December 2005 on Foreign Nationals (SR 142.20)

FVB: Federal Vocational Baccalaureate

HEdA: Federal Act on the Funding and Coordination of the Higher Education Sector

HInsA: Federal Act of 18 March 1994 on Health Insurance (SR 832.10)

ICA-UAS: Intercantonal agreement on universities of applied sciences

IDES: Information and documentation centre of the EDK

IGKG: Intercantonal Conference on Continuing Education and Training

INSOS: Social institutions for disabled persons

InvIA: Federal Act of 19 June 1959 on Invalidity Insurance (SR 831.20)

IPP: Individual practical project

ISO: International Organization for Standardization

LCS: Instruction in language, communication and society

LEA: Loss of earnings allowances

LECA: Federal Act of 25 September 1952 on Compensation for Loss of Earnings for Persons on Military Service or Maternity Leave (SR 834.1)

MSST: Directive requiring the use of doctors and other specialists of safety at work

NOA: Non-occupational accident insurance

NQF: National Qualifications Framework

NQF VPET: Swiss National Qualifications Framework for the VPET System

OA: Occupational accident insurance

OASIA: Federal Act of 20 December 1946 on the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (SR 831.10)

OCMCG: Ordinance on Minimum Conditions for Language, Communication and Society Instruction in VET Programmes (SR 412.101.241)

OLE: Ordinance of 6 October 1986 Limiting the Number of Foreign Nationals (repealed)

OP: Occupational pension

OPA: Federal Act of 25 June 1982 on Occupational Old Age, Survivors' and Invalidity Pension Provision (SR 831.40)

OSI: Old-age and survivors' insurance

PEP: Pre-assigned examination project

PMs: Process modules

PO: Professional organisation

Q2E: Quality management system in schools

QPs: Qualification procedures

REC: Regional employment centre

RSFNA: Federal Act of 26 March 1931 on the Residence and Permanent Settlement of Foreign Nationals (repealed)

SBBK: Swiss Conference of VET Offices

SCC: Swiss Criminal Code of 21 December 1937 (SR 311.0)

SDBB: Swiss Service Centre for Vocational Education and Training | Vocational, Educational and Career Guidance

SDK: Swiss Conference of Cantonal Health Directors

SEC: Standard employment contract

SECO: State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

SERI: State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

SFIVET: Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

SGAB: Swiss Society for Research in Vocational and Professional Education and training

SME: Small and medium-sized company

SpoFG: Federal Act of 17 June 2011 on the Promotion of Sport and Exercise (SR 415.0)

SpoFO: Ordinance of 23 May 2012 on the Promotion of Sport and Exercise (SR 415.01)

SQUF: National Employers' Network for VET

SUVA: Swiss national accident insurance fund

UAS: University of applied sciences

UASA: Federal Act of 6 October 1995 on the Universities of Applied Sciences, Universities of Applied Sciences Act (SR 414.71)

UI: Unemployment insurance

UIA: Federal Act of 25 June 1982 on Compulsory Unemployment Insurance and Benefits on Insolvency (SR 837.0)

UIO: Ordinance of 31 August 1983 on Compulsory Unemployment Insurance and Benefits on Insolvency (SR 837.02)

VPETA: Federal Act of 13 December 2002 on Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPETA, SR 412.10)

VPETO: Ordinance of 19 November 2003 on Vocational and Professional Education and Training (SR 412.101)

WHA: Federal Act of 8 October 1971 on Employment in Public Transport Companies (SR 822.21)

WHRPO 1: Ordinance of 19 June 1995 on Working Hours and Rest Periods for Professional Vehicle Drivers

WLS: Working and learning situation

Y&S: Youth and sport