Professional qualifications

Individual who pass a federal examination or complete a federally recognised study programme at a professional education institution (PEI) are awarded a corresponding tertiary-level professional qualification by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Examples of professions for which professional qualifications are issued: Building Custodian (profession no. 8041), Swiss Certified Accountant (profession no. 72531), Hairdresser (profession no. 82034), Master Cabinetmaker (profession no. 30535), Master Gardener (profession no. 170937), Specialist in Long-term Care and Assistance (profession no. 86333).

These qualifications and the title they bestow on the holder are officially protected. The names of holders of professional education qualifications are recorded in a registry that is kept by SERI. Anyone who uses such a title without being authorised to do so shall be subject to possible imprisonment and fines.

VET trainers who have completed the 100-hour pedagogical training course and passed the qualification procedure are awarded a diploma that is recognised by the Confederation.

Qualifications may also be awarded by private institutions (e.g. commercial diplomas, diplomas awarded at the end of a correspondence course, etc.); however, these qualifications are not officially recognised.