Schedules to the apprenticeship contract

Notwithstanding the contractual aspects laid down by law (profession, duration, salary, trial period, working hours and holiday leave), the apprenticeship contract may contain other provisions as provided for in the official contract forms (travelling and accommodation expenses, work clothes, tools, etc.).

Whenever these supplemental aspects become more specific, they take the form of a schedule to the apprenticeship contract, which is then signed by the parties; such schedules govern the contractual relationship in a more detailed fashion and even go beyond (e.g. rules concerning behaviour and agreement concerning leave).

To be validly applicable, schedules to the apprenticeship contract must be made in writing, just like the apprenticeship contract. The appendix to the apprenticeship contract may be used for this purpose and must be submitted to the cantonal VET office when the apprenticeship contract is submitted for approval.

The schedules to the apprenticeship contract are only accepted if they do not infringe compulsory legal provisions or if they do not violate fundamental rights. They must not contain any provision whatsoever on: the hours to be worked by the apprentice to make up for their absences during the apprenticeship; the continuation of their work in the company after the VET programme; or a ban on joining a trade union. Such provisions are null and void. Any such clauses are deemed to never have been written.

When the apprenticeship contract is approved, the cantonal VET office does not approve inadmissible agreements. Generally speaking, the VET office takes action when it notices blatant errors.