Learners enrolled in a school-based VET programme (e.g. at commercial schools, trade schools or other accredited private learning institutions) undergo a portion of their practical training either directly at the VET school or in the form of a traineeship at a host company.

The VET school signs a contract with a host company. In this contract, the latter undertakes to provide practical training that complies with established provisions and to pay, where applicable, a salary to the learner. The host company then signs a traineeship contract with the learner. The cantonal authority must approve the said contract if the traineeship is to last for more than 6 months.

The SDBB can provide a template for traineeship contracts. This template is similar to the apprenticeship contract template used throughout Switzerland, but takes into account the particular characteristics of traineeships.

Young people also have the possibility of doing pre-vocational traineeships within the framework of transitional options that prepare young people for enrolment in VET programmes.