Training report

The competences and experience acquired in the host company are assessed regularly. The results are recorded in training reports. Assessment is carried out by means of structured discussions between the VET trainer and the learner.

Art. 20 of the Federal Vocational and Professional Education and Training Act (VPETA, SR 412.10) requires VET trainers to strive for the best possible learning outcomes and to assess progress at regular intervals. In addition, VET ordinances require VET trainers to assess learning progress and to discuss their assessments with the learner at least once each semester.

The training report is mandatory. It completes the numerous daily brief or extended interactions between the VET trainer and learner. At the end of the discussion, the VET trainer and the learner decide on the objectives to be reached for the following semester or until the end of training as well as any measures to be taken. They also decide what aspects may be assessed at a later date.

The training report enables trainers to structure discussions and decide which topics need to be discussed. The preparation time is thus shortened.

Numerous professional organisations provide documents that are specific to their scope of activity. A standard form can be downloaded at the following address: Training report