Undeclared work

If during their free time or holidays, apprentices carry out work that is remunerated by a third party, this is referred to as “undeclared work”.

Undeclared work also refers to:

  • Work that is not registered with social insurance institutions,
  • Work for which income is not declared to the tax authorities,
  • Work done by foreign nationals in Switzerland without a work permit.

Work is also considered undeclared if learners fail to abide by their obligation of loyalty to their employer, if they compete against their employer or if learners their efficiency is so impaired by the secondary activity that they are no longer able to fully fulfil their work obligations towards the main employer. In such cases, there is also a breach of loyalty if the learner works free of charge or for himself.

If learners wish to carry out a supplemental job that is remunerated, they must first ask for the VET trainer's consent in order to avoid a breach of loyalty. When the request is reviewed, the following aspects should be taken into account: Will it be possible to attain training objectives? Will the apprentice's health be compromised? Will the provisions relating to working hours be respected or violated? Is insurance coverage guaranteed?