VET trainer

VET trainers (also referred to as apprenticeship trainers in dual-track VET programmes or traineeship supervisors in school-based VET programmes) provide apprentices with apprenticeship training in the company or ensure that apprentices receive such training. They refer to the training plan that accompanies each VET ordinance.

The VET trainers in charge are those that are designated as such by the host company; their name is mentioned in the apprenticeship contract. They hold a Federal VET Diploma in the occupation in question or have received equivalent training, have at least two years work experience and possess adequate teaching, methodological and educational expertise. They may acquire this expertise in two manners:

  • training for VET trainers with the awarding of a pedagogical diploma that is recognised by the Confederation – 100 hours of training
  • basic course for VET trainers with the awarding of a pedagogical certificate that is recognised by the canton and Confederation – 40 hours of training

Pedagogical courses are organised by the cantons themselves or offered in collaboration with professional organisations. A diploma or a certificate is awarded after attendance of these courses.

Pedagogical training of VET trainers is laid down in the core syllabuses for the training of VET professionals. The curricula do not depend on the occupations; they concern teaching, methodological and educational aspects associated with training young people.

If they already have a teacher training qualification in vocational education, VET trainers may be exempted from all or part of the courses.

VET trainers can also delegate part of apprenticeship training to qualified professionals. Practitioners are deemed to be professionals if they have completed a VET programme relating to the occupation in question or have an equivalent qualification. Part of apprenticeship training may also be entrusted to company employees (including apprentices) in their area of competence. In all cases, responsibility for apprenticeship training lies with the VET trainer.

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