Working Hours Act (WHA)

The Working Hours Act (Federal Act of 8 October 1971 on Employment in Public Transport Companies, WHA, SR 822.21) practically corresponds to the Employment Act (EmpA, SR 822.11) both in terms of purpose and content. However, these two pieces of legislation − which are most important with regard to workers’ protection in the public sector − have a different scope of application: most workers in public transport companies (mainly Swiss Federal Railways, private railway companies, road transport, shipping and funicular companies) are subject to WHA provisions and not EmpA provisions.

Learners who complete their apprenticeship training in a host company in accordance with Art. 1 WHA and who are considered to be employees pursuant to Art. 2 WHA are not subject to the Employment Act but to the Working Hours Act.

For practical reasons, reference is not made in this glossary to the other WHA provisions.