Extension of the duration of the VET programme

With the agreement of the contracting parties, the cantonal authority may extend the duration of a VET programme in individual cases if it is clear that training objectives will probably not be reached during the normal period of time despite the fact that education and training was given with great care and in line with good business practice. Long-term absences due to illness or injury often justify such an extension. The vocational school must be consulted in order to extend the duration of the VET programme.

If the final examination is failed, the contracting parties may agree on an extension of the duration of the VET programme. They must notify the cantonal VET office of their decision in writing and request approval. Without such official approval, the apprenticeship contract shall not be deemed to have been extended but shall be considered to be an employment contract (e.g. with regard to matters concerning the payment of salaries and the payment of examination costs).