Reduction of the duration of the VET programme

After obtaining one's first vocational qualification, it is possible to obtain advanced placement in a second VET programme in a related or different occupational field. This shortening of the total duration makes it more appealing for holders of vocational qualifications to pursue a second VET programme - regardless of whether they wish to acquire additional skills in their current occupational field or whether they wish to switch to another one. Moreover, obtaining two vocational qualifications can improve the qualification holder's employment prospects.

For individual occupations, standardised shortened VET programmes for adults also exist. “Fast-track VET programmes” is the new term to replace what used to be referred to as "additional apprenticeship" or "second apprenticeship".

In addition to existing holders of vocational qualifications, “fast-track VET programmes” can also be contractually arranged for particularly skilled individuals.

Cantonal VET offices decide - after hearing the parties to the apprenticeship contract and the vocational school - whether this is possible and if so,

  • how long the apprenticeship period will be shortened,
  • which areas of instruction at the vocational school will be waived,
  • which competence areas the learner will be exempted from during the final examination.