Medical certificate

After a certain period of time (usually three days), absences due to illness or injury must be justified to the employer, VET school and branch training centre by means of a medical certificate.

In certain occupations, a medical examination or a medical certificate is required to confirm aptitude for vocational education and training. This examination can be ordered before the start of the VET programme. Information can be obtained from the corresponding professional organisation or relevant cantonal office.

Presentation of a medical certificate is also required if the learner has not reached the minimum legal age (usually 15 years of age). A medical examination and advice from a physician are compulsory for young people who are to work at night either regularly or occasionally.

If the learner cannot take the final examination due to illness or injury, he?/?she must justify the absence by presenting a medical certificate.

If the host company feels that the medical certificates are not adequate, it may appoint a medical examiner to verify the attested incapacity to work. The costs of the examination shall be borne by the host company. In the interests of mutual understanding, several medical examiners may also be proposed to the learner.