If learners become unemployed, they are entitled to receive unemployment benefits. If they discontinue their VET programme, they are only entitled to daily allowances at the end of a waiting period. During this period, they are not entitled to receive benefits but must, on the other hand, comply with all the obligations of a job seeker (checks, job applications, ability to work, etc.).

For those who are not required to comply with the waiting period to receive unemployment benefits or who receive such benefits at the end of their apprenticeship, the allowance is calculated on the person’s insured earnings based on flat-rate amounts. A person who is not required to comply with the waiting period for one of the reasons mentioned in brackets (classroom instruction, career development or retraining, illness, injury or maternity, incarceration in or attendance of an industrial school) is required to comply with a 120-day waiting period. The flat-rate amounts are halved for the insured who are under the age of 25 and who have no dependent children.

The provisions relating to flat-rate amounts do not apply to persons whose apprenticeship salary is superior to the corresponding flat-rate amount.

In the event that the host company closes down for financial reasons, the employer must immediately contact the relevant cantonal VET office and the learner’s legal representative. The contracting parties look for a new solution together with the assistance of the supervisory bodies.