University Aptitude Test (UAT)

Learners who choose to obtain both the Federal VET Diploma and the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (FVB) are entitled to take the University Aptitude Test (UAT) for enrolment in a cantonal university, either of Switzerland's two federal institutes of technology, (EPF in Lausanne or ETH in Zurich), or a Swiss university of teacher education (UTE). There is also a UAT for holders of the Specialised Baccalaureate, enabling them to gain admission to the same higher education institutions except UTEs.

While the requisite background knowledge is generally acquired by attending a UAT preparatory course lasting two semesters, it is also possible to prepare for the UAT on one’s own. The UAT preparatory course covers the following subjects: local national language, second national language or English, mathematics, natural sciences, humanities and social science.